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JP Morgan, the largest U.S. commercial and investment bank, is increasing its stockpiles of silver, betting that prices will move higher as inflation begins to take hold. Silver historically outperforms during the later stages of a growth cycle and prices are poised to outperform riskier assets. JP Morgan is increasing its inventory, knowing that prices will eventually surge higher. JP Morgan’s COMEX silver warehouse now holds the most significant physical silver bullion position of all time.

I am convinced that silver will soon explode in price in a manner of unprecedented proportions, both in terms of previous silver rallies and…

Are you considering what to invest in before a recession?

Do you believe we’re currently in a recession, or getting ready to head back into one?

The Federal Reserve recently released a statement insinuating that the banking system remains well-capitalized. They announced that even under the harshest downside scenarios things are going to be good, everything is fine, and there’s nothing to worry about.

However, the Federal Reserve has also communicated that they will be looking to bring about some new restrictions on stock buybacks and bank dividends. At the end of the day this could essentially prevent banks from…

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Over the years since the inception of the dollar there has been a tremendous deal of decline in value. How much has the purchasing power of the dollar diminished over the last century?

With the introduction of the Federal Reserve specifically back in 1913, you can see today the dollar has lost more than 90 percent of its value already. Today, $1 is going to buy you exceedingly less than it would more than 107 years ago.

For most people who are familiar with Warren Buffett and his work, they are well aware that he is a true gold bear. Investors might think that he doesn’t like precious metals whatsoever, but what might come as a surprise to many though, is that Buffett has invested in silver, roughly $1 billion to be exact.

As disclosed in a Berkshire letter to shareholders, thanks to the investment in silver Buffett had wrote that the company had seen a pre-tax gain of more than 90 million. Overall, the gains were roughly $97.4 million in profit that had been produced. …

When it comes to Social Security and the financial stability that is supposed to be provided for your future, then you should expect to be paid back when you retire, and that’s what millions are told. This is something that you pay into your entire career, shouldn’t you get that money back?

You might have wondered at some point; will there actually ever be a problem or is social security running out?

Social Security is running out though, this fund is already cash-flow negative and eventually there won’t be enough to go around and support the needs of so many…

Robert Kiyosaki on Silver
Robert Kiyosaki on Silver

Is Silver or Real Estate a better long-term investment?

Believe it or not, there are some very famous financial experts out there who see more value in precious metals than they do in other asset classes such as real estate.

Robert Kiyosaki for example, the renowned author of the famous Rich Dad, Poor Dad book series, discussed his views on long-term investments at one of his seminars.

Kiyosaki’s comments on the matter might come as shock to most, considering gold nor silver have never provided passive income streams (UNTIL NOW). Kiyosaki is well-known for encouraging and reinforcing passive income investments…

You don’t have to be a bullion market specialist to understand the simple gold-silver ratio. But you can take advantage of the ratio that has historically been one of the most reliable technical indicators of when to buy, sell, or swap silver and gold. The strong “buy” signal number is 80 or above, and recently the ratio has gone above 90! Add to this the fact that we are currently in a 19 year silver bull market, and you have the right numbers to start seriously profiting in silver.

The last time we saw the ratio sitting where it is…

Bitcoin and Venmo have been navigating their way through the waters of financial transactions, but now here comes Facebook’s L̶i̶b̶r̶a̶ (now Diem) cryptocurrency — and it’s being seen more as an attempt to introduce a new, Internet-age U.S. dollar than just another digital fad.

Now scheduled to launch in 2021, the social media behemoth has confirmed it has been working on its own cryptocurrency to be called Diem. …

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